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Equestrienne Center

Torrington, Wyoming

307-532-4501 Main
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9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Rockn Bee hours are 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends.
We're on the south side of the railroad tracks,
1/2 mile west of McKenna Road. Look for our sign (shown below).

4311 Hwy 26/85
Torrington, WY 82240

skipping rope

Teaching Sunny to drive... Latest horse project
I am starting my 21-year-old quarter horse gelding on driving. For
pictures and progress report, visit the "Riding Center" then to "Driving Lessons"
for more information. Starts December 29th, 2013. With first application
of partially harnessing Sunny to the cart.
April 8, 2014 Pulling the cart with me leading.

- Miss Mandy -
Go to the "Riding Center" link below, then to "Our Horses"
link for a diary of work with my new beautiful palomino Morgan
November 29, 2013
WE DID IT!!! Also have a video of the first mounting, unedited. Go
"our horses" to view the video of Mandy's first mount.

July 3-4, 2015 Still working on basics. Nothing new to report.
Miss Mandy

Thank you for following my work with Smokey,
my seven-year-old mustang mare.
July 3-4, 2015. Did some confidence stretching exercises, and it was amazing
for me. For Smoky it was ho hum, because she doesn't have problems with
confidence for anything I would want to do. :-)

The link below is a video taken in March, 2013. The rider is not me,
she is a good friend who rode Smokey for a year, while I was regaining
my confidence to be able to just get on her again. As you can see, Smokey
is well worth the all the time and money I spent to get the horse I
have today. The path wasn't easy, but I knew that she could be a very
good horse for me. Judge for yourself. While Rachel is a very experienced
rider, the performance you see in this video is the result of teamwork. A
good rider and a horse that is willing to bend her will to the rider's
will. You don't get this result from a horse without a having a trainer
who exhibits a lot of knowledge about horses, dedication and consistency
of training and using methods that are proven to work. There are no
shortcuts to this level of performance from either horse or rider. It's
expensive, time consuming and certainly not easy. This was a totally wild horse,
adopted at a BLM adoption in May of 2007. She is the smartest horse I
have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You can read our diary by clicking
the "Riding Center" button on the bottom of this page, then click on
the "Our Horses" button and scroll down to the section on Smokey. Wait
until the music that starts when the webpage opens to stop before starting
the Youtube video, or you won't hear the proper music that Smokey is
is trotting to in the video. It's worth the wait.

Mustang Trotting to Music


The Rockn Bee is about horses, simple
and plain. The facility is modest in design and the owner is
unpretentious. Betty cares about horses, first and foremost.
She teaches people about how to care for horses, and how to listen
to them so they can better understand the world from a horse's
perspective. Riding students are taught how to ride in the safest
manner possible, and are started out on a horse riding bareback.
At the Rockn Bee, you learn how to ride a horse, not a saddle.
Betty's primary goal is teaching proprietorship to current and
potential horse owners. She isn't interested in fame as a horse
trainer or instructor. She just wants to be instrumental
in making your horse interrelationships as simpatico as
possible. If you care about horses as much as Betty does,
you'll spend some time reading the riding center link to learn
about the Rockn Bee horses and the principles Betty uses as
she trains them.

The theory and principle behind the methodologies deployed
at the Rockn Bee were taught under the tutelege of Damian Ficca,
Instructor for the Equine Science curriculum provided through the
adult education program at the Front Range Community College
in Westminster, Colorado.

Check out my new supply of horse training and
first aid equipment now available at
208 East Valley Road, Ste 6A in Torrington.
New items will be added as customer requests
and season dictate.

Pictured below: All purpose 16" suede saddle with beautiful hand tooling.
Handmade by Tough1 for King Series saddle.
High cantle for safety, double rigging for versatility. Weighs 22 Pounds.
Five year warranty from Tough 1.
This saddle can be yours for $900 plus shipping and applicable Wyoming sales tax.

all purpose saddle

all purpose saddle

Beautiful saddle blankets, will mold to the shape of your horse's back for comfort.
Many more colors and sizes available. Priced from $20 to $80 plus shipping and
applicable Wyoming sales tax. Acrylic, polyester, cotton and wool components, depends
on manufacturer/source. Call for more information.

saddle blankets

Betty and Dundee

Feel free to send a comment or two by using the "contact us"
link. Betty is open to ideas and perspectives which may vary from
horse to horse and from person to person.

Rockn Bee sign

My book, "Touched By The
Spirit Of a Horse" is available at and
This is not just another book about training horses. It's about
changing the world to be a better place for everyone. The book
explains how horses and humans live in herds, but horses live
together peacefully. By emulating their characters, horses can
teach us how to be better people.

People who love horses will understand the concept best,
but this book is meant for all mankind.
You can find more information about Betty's book by going to and searching for books by Betty Burlingame, or just
search for the book's title.

book cover

For a sample of Betty's poetry,
"For Smokey And Rachel"
click on the
"About Us" link below.

Buy the book here by clicking the "Buy Now" button below, or order from, where shipping is free if you order 2 books or more. Order
from my website and I will autograph your copy. Cost is $15.99 plus
shipping and handling. Goshen County Wyoming sales taxes apply to
Wyoming customers.
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